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A Race To The Finish Line

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Philosophy, the daily questions that run through our head; the reasoning in why we are here today and why we are here on this earth. In my eyes, the world's outlook on philosophy is more indulgent on the idea of Ð''Live your life to its fullest'. The reasoning that leads me to believe this is the known fact that we all do our best, or what we think is our best to try to get through one day after another. Life continuously throws us curve balls that are supposed to startle us into a new and separate change. Whether that change is good, or whether that change is bad always seems to throw me off.

The good changes can run down to you winning the lottery or getting a good grade in class, while the more harmful changes may run down to a loved one dieing or you failing all your classes and having to repeat all of them. Changes only prepare you for the decisions in life you will be forced to make ahead, while dealing with them you grow a certain outlook on life and continually stop to think of why you believe you're on this track. Everyone in this world has their own outlook on why we were born and it all comes down to their own opinions on events and ideas that are in effect during their lifetime.

Think of a thoroughbred race track, where all the horses are sleek, beautiful, and well cared for. Breeding and lineage have a lot to do with which horse is titled as favorite, and the least favored one has to run against the odds. Odds are the favored will win, but sometimes you get this sneaky surprise and the horse you bet on, or the horse you expected to lose, will come in first and win the race. Life is a race where we are all in constant motion trying to get to the end. None of us know how long the race will be, but we are determined to live what we can and make our way in the pack.

I continually try to get to the end, but I always seem to want to stop when I realize where I am going. If I do get to the end, or I do pass this next hurdle, what will I have left? Sure I'll have the rest of the hurdles to jump over, and my horse may or may not make it to the finish



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