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A Question Of Moralities Linked To Marriage

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Does morality begin at home? This is a question that puzzles many of us at one time or another. There are of course hundreds of opinions who such an open ended question. "Guidance is the power of persuasion--through explanation, feedback, and providing a moral compass (Pickhardt, 2006)." Is it easier to do what is popular than it is to do what it right? Who determines what is right or wrong? There are so many determining factors when considering right and wrong such as religion, race, nationality, life experiences and so many more. These factors represent reasoning for the practice of tolerance and understanding within everyday life.

Some might say let your conscience be your guide. However, what determines if one's conscience is geared to what is right since we are all taught in different ways. It might be good to consider our conscience as merely an ever-changing aspect of a person and therefore not used solely when deciding our actions. Of course, some would say that going against your conscience is what makes thing interesting. Is this statement an example of the downfall of morality in today's society?

Let us now exploratory a few of the thoughts found within research as to what the reasons might be with the change in morality and values within today's society. Some might consider divorce, single parent households or quite possibility same sex households a cause of our children's lack of or change of morality and values. There are no good figures found within my research to state that one particular type of lifestyle is to blame for the change in morality and values. It has been proven that a good working family situation, no matter what the status is, brings about a healthier happier lifestyle for our children.

One point of view, as expressed by Andrew Hammond in the Chicago Maroon, is that divorce today is not due to a lack of morality, rather an "evolution of marriage". He states that, "The rise in divorce is not because of a decline in morality but because of the changing nature of marriage (Hammond, 2003)." Women 40 or more years ago did not have the options which women have today. If they were in a dysfunctional or abusive relationship, they were often sometimes stuck out of the dire need to be married for various reasons. Most women did not work or even pursue an education beyond high school because they were brought up being told to find a good husband that would be able to take care of them and their offspring. Hammond suggests that the rise in divorce is simply because people/women expect more from a marriage today than simply being taken care of.

On the opposite side of Hammond's opinion some believe that the women's movement actually hurt women. It has been written that feminism has ruined women. An unknown author asks the question, "How did this idea of women's rights get so far



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