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A Mun Resolution on Eu Migrant Crisis

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Essay Preview: A Mun Resolution on Eu Migrant Crisis

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Committee: GA Third Committee

Main Submitter: Hungary

Co-Submitter: United Kingdom, Syria, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia

Topic: EU Migrant Crisis

The General Assembly,

Taking into consideration the fact that immigration of refugees and economic migrants has led to an increase in cultural conflicts and crime rate

• According to statistics from the Federal Criminal Police in Germany crimes committed by asylum seekers have increased dramatically. In 2013 it was registered 32 495 crimes, and in 2014 - already 53 890.

• The terrorists responsible for the ISIS attacks in Paris and Brussels were in fact using the refugee status as a cover to get into Europe. Men carrying forged passports under the names “Ahmed Al Mohammad” and “M Al-Mahmod” from Algeria and Pakistan entered through Leros, Germany and were later found to have travelled through Hungary, Austria towards France.

Further recalling the Cologne incident during New Year’s Eve in Germany, that caused worsening of relations with the refugees

• The perpetrators of the incident who were claimed to be of Arab and/or African descent were caught carrying out indecent acts and when persecuted, there was an increase in xenophobic acts taking place.

• The German community who was originally open to the entering refugees has begun to show racism and xenophobia through media. Such as when Tagesspiegel, a Berlin based daily, openly accused Islam and the refugees of being the reason of terrorism and crimes in Europe.

Noting further that 60% of refugees heading to Europe are economic migrants using asylum seeker status as a cover, this raises questions and concerns on whether all migrants are to be accepted

• Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission commented that more than half of the immigrants entering the EU were coming from countries not affected by the Syrian War and were using the refugee status to gain asylum.

Keeping in mind the European Human Rights Convention and the Human Rights Act of 1998 restricts the actions of public bodies, but due to the lack of resources bodies have been forced to act thus further straining relations,

• The use of measures such as tear gas and water cannons at Hungarian Fences is not civil, but became necessary when refugees began acting violently and throwing stones.

• Greece is unable to provide sanitary conditions at the refugee camps. The constant rain near the camp has led to an outbreak of Hepatitis A. Hence, the lack of housing resources becomes evident from this

Noting with deep concern that the increase of refugees has led to an economic strain on the host countries and the economic migrants cause unemployment among native citizens of the country,

• Refugees are being provided with benefits such as the ability to pay lower taxes and this therefore causes native citizens to pay larger sums to compensate for this.

• Though the refugees are seen as an increase of workforce in Europe, about 12,000 euros would have to be spent per refugee per year to facilitate their proper training. A country like Germany would need to spend 10 billion euros per year for the refugees.

Deeply concerned with the imposing of the Quota System in the EU which enforces countries to accept refugees on a mandatory basis

• Distribution of more than 120,000 refugees among Central Europe even though current resources cannot handle this number.

• The problem with this system is the growing number of immigrants. Europe would be divided into registered and unregistered immigrants and it would be hard to follow who migrated and where. Also, investigating each and every immigrant’s case, their background, and then begin negotiations with the target country would be a task requiring vast amounts of time and manpower.

Guided by the Dublin Agreement recommends member states of the EU to uphold it and prevent refugees from shuttling between countries and causing overpopulation and economic strain

• Germany’s suspension of the Dublin Agreement has led to its inability to handle the incoming refugees. School authorities are calling for at least 25,000 new teaching recruits to cope with the large numbers of new pupils, police officers are being brought out of retirement in their thousands, and the nation is being scoured for suitable accommodation as winter approaches.

Having examined the Greece-Turkey deal, feels that it is important to filter the immigrants and provide asylum only to the political refugees instead

• About 60% of the immigrants who entered the EU were actually Economic migrants who entered under the guise of refugees

• The increase in illegal traffickers who use illegal documentation has led to overpopulation of refugees.

1. Requests the collaboration of countries involved in the migrant crisis to segregate economic migrants from asylum seekers and refugees before they leave port countries such as Turkey so as to abide by the Turkey deal and avoid the unnecessary risk of traveling to Europe and returning back in vain;

• The first 500 people to be returned under the deal are set to be deported on April 4, 2016. Turkey has agreed to take in at least 1700 people back from Greece per week.

1. Turkish-flagged passenger boats carrying 131 migrants arrived in the Turkish town of Dikili where people protested the return of migrants in their country. Also, More than 3,300 migrants and refugees are on Lesbos. About 2,600 people are held at the Moria centre, 600 more than its stated capacity, hence showing the lack of resources to handle such large volumes.

2. Recommends EU countries to redistribute refugees across the continent to reduce burden on certain countries to avoid violation of human rights and economical strain on the country;

• The influx of migrants in Lebanon in 2015 caused a jump in demand for electricity



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