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Conflict Resolution

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Essay Preview: Conflict Resolution

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Outline: Conflict Resolution in Work Team

II. Understanding and dealing with different personalities while creating a positive environment

Working with ignorance and avoid contamination

There are two types of ignorance. One type is a person who has not been exposed the information and is not aware of what is expected. The other type of ignorance is an individual is aware of the circumstances, however make it difficult for others. Occasionally this is someone in the group who seems to have a different point of view from the rest of the individuals in group. Groups consist of a variety of several individuals who come to gather for a common goal. Ignorance in the workgroup should be dealt with before it spreads to others in the group. It is not only harmful to the individual, but it can slow others down and cause ripple effects throughout the group. It is important that everyone is on the same page. It is important to make sure that each team member is aware of understand what needs to take place. If there is some in the group who is ignorance of the circumstance, a miss understanding the following should take place.

1. Talk to the individual separate, never in a group inform them

2. Ask he/she if there are any issues or concern they may have and what be be done to correct the issue.

3. Be polite, ask if they are having any difficulty with the matter.

4. Take steps to provide information

Dealing with uncooperative people

Within every group there can be one or many individuals who can be uncooperative individuals. No matter what goes on within a group setting there is always someone that can be difficult and make it hard for the rest of the group to pursue their goals. Personal Conflicts with these individuals should be avoided at all cost. It this cannot be prevented then it should be resolved quickly. It is imperative that the two individuals work out there issues of difference so the others in the group may not be affected.

1. Individual should resolve the issues themselves if possible.

2. It may be necessary to for some one in the group to monitor individuals action or reactions

3. Try to at least come to an agreement on how to resolve issue.

4. If cannot be resolve then a higher authority may take step to separate the two parties from group.

Overcome laziness

Laziness is a universal sickness. It has no sense of age, color, nationality or origin. Laziness can be overcome by partnership with individuals who arm encouraging to others. It is important to encourage



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