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A-Mic - Voice Manager System for Animals

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Essay Preview: A-Mic - Voice Manager System for Animals

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Yanjun         Fan, Junchen Dong

Project Discussion

Principles of Marketing

November 4, 2015

Voice Manager System for Animals


        Our product is voice manager system for animals. It uses high-tech in order to let animals communicate with people. And it uses animals’ barking to achieve some simple mechanical operations, such as feeding, cleaning, and playing by themselves. Also, it could notice people of illness according to animals’ unusual sounds.

        The brand name is called “A-Mic”. It’s a specialty product. It uses new high technology system within the product, which has a specific application. It’s in introduction stage. It’s a brand-new idea using modern technology. A-Mic is the only product of our company. Yes, we need to enhance our product line to expand the TM. Accessories could be considered in our product line.

Target Market:

        Our TM is families with pets, zoos, veterinarians, humane society and organizations like WAP or WWF. We use psychographic variables because the TM members has different motivations and attributes to buy the product. Main reason is that people want to understand what animals are trying to express. The secondary benefit is that animals could live much easier and comfortable.


We have direct competitor like pet translator companies. We use the newest technology to make sure the system would work perfectly when communicating with animals. The firm hires many knowledgeable staff to make the system better. Some big companies which are developing system like this are threat to the brand. We could control the cost and adjust the price to protect the profit and market share.


        The family version is $799.00. The Pro version is $1,549.00. We make the price as middle range. Competitors use non-price competition. The product is based on system and functions. Our firm uses non-price competition. We want to enhance the functions to attract consumers to buy products. The demand is in-elastic. Because the price and TM is fixed.


Channel is P-C. We want to sell the products to consumers directly. It’s not a supply chain. The product and system are independent. We don’t use retailer.



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