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A Man With Many Contributions

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Martin Luther King Jr was perhaps one of the most influential persons of our time. Martin Luther King Jr was a man of many accomplishments. He was one of many African-American to stand up for the civil rights of the African-American people. He did many things, like leading the bus boycott of 1955, founding the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and becoming the president of this organization and leading a march in Washington D.C in which he gave his most famous speech.

The boycott in December of 1955 was one of the first nonviolent Negro demonstrations. This boycott was lead by Martin Luther King. He accepted the leadership of this demonstration. The boycott came about because of what had happened to Rosa Parks on the buses. The boycott lasted 382; days just a little bit more than a year. On December 21, 1956, the Supreme Court of the United State declared laws that established segregation on buses to be unconstitutional; that Negros and whites would ride the buses as people with equal rights.

Martin Luther King also founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or the SCLC. On February 14, 1957 he was elected President of this organization which sought to fight for civil rights for the African-American people. Also, it aimed to eliminate racial segregation in the community. The SCLC is also known for coordinating mass protest campaigns and voter registrations drives throughout the south.

Finally, Martin Luther King Jr is known for is his "I Have a Dream" speech. This speech is widely known for it's thoughts on racial segregation and civil rights for the African-American people. This started out as a march in Washington D.C. for the jobs and freedoms of the African-American people. In which more than 250,000 people attended this event on August 28, 1963. Kings renown still continued to grow as he became known as Man of the Year in Times Magazine and the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

He has



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