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A Healty Debate - the Final Trump-Clinton Debate Transcript

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Essay Preview: A Healty Debate - the Final Trump-Clinton Debate Transcript

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A Healthy Debate

This is The United States of America. In the United States of America, we have the greatest form of government ever conceived in this crazy World. This government goes topsy turvy every four years when the Presidential elections roll around. Every four years one candidate from the Democratic Party and one candidate from the Republican party stand on a stage and try and tell the voting American public what it is they believe in and do not believe in. Such a debate took place in October of 2016. In the next few paragraphs we will discuss what the issues were and how both candidates view these issues. I will try and explain my beliefs on these issues for you to see why I voted the way I voted. Whether you agree or disagree with my beliefs my hope is that we can agree that this form of democracy is what makes the USA great.

Right off the bat in the debate, the mediator Chris Wallace started asking questions about the Supreme Court. (Blake, 2016) The issues about the Supreme Court came down to two issues. Both will be discussed but we will start by discussing the 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms will always be a hot issue in the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the democratic candidate in this debate, stated that she believed in Americans right to bear arms but doesn’t want those that “shouldn’t” have guns to have them. (Blake, 2016) She stated that there should be harsher background checks and keeping guns away from those who have had mental issues and domestic issues in the past. Donald Trump, the republican candidate, brought up the fact that in the city of Chicago they have the toughest gun laws in the nation, but they have more gun violence in the that city than anyone in the nation. (Blake, 2016) On this issue I agree with Donald Trump. Tougher gun laws will do nothing but keep law abiding citizens from their right to have self-protection via a firearm. The people that wish to do harm and break the law to cause this harm will not care if they must break another law to attain a firearm. This issue always fires me up when the liberal minded Democratic Party speaks about tougher gun laws. Once again it comes down to tougher gun laws making it tougher for the legal purchase of a gun by someone who has every right to buy one because of the 2nd amendment.

The second issue they discussed was about abortion. As normal in a debate both candidates toed the party lines. Trump started by saying if he was able to select two or three Supreme Court nominees then he believes that Roe v Wade (a controversial Supreme Court decision from the past) would almost automatically be repealed and that the issue of legal abortion would be moved back to the states. (Blake, 2016) Clinton supported Roe v Wade and went on a diatribe as to the rights of women to make the decision to terminate pregnancy as late as the ninth month of pregnancy. (Blake, 2016) In my mind, it comes down to that precious baby in the womb. Who has the right to kill that baby? I understand that rape happens and sometimes it leads to an unwanted pregnancy. I also understand that sometimes a doctor will give a diagnosis of possible death for the mother if a pregnancy is carried to term. I still want to ask a question of what about the life of the baby? In my opinion life begins at conception. Just because a woman is raped that does not give her the right to terminate the life of that baby. It was not the babies fault that the sexual assault happened. If there is no chance at all for the mother to survive a pregnancy at least try taking the baby early and fight to keep that life from ending. I still just want someone to fight for the baby. The baby has no chance to fight for itself. Once again, I find myself siding with Trump on this issue.

After back and forth insults and yelling sessions about these two issues, Wallace tried and change the subject and moved on to the topic of immigration. According to Wallace this issue separates the two candidates more than any issue. (Blake, 2016)This topic brought out the tiger’s teeth in both candidates. Starting with Clinton, she believes in letting undocumented people that have poured into this country illegally to be granted citizenship instead of being deported. (Blake, 2016) Trump wants to deport those that are here illegally and secure our borders. He wants to use the system of immigration as it was supposed to be used and stop the flow of illegal entry by those who we do not want on our soil. (Blake, 2016) As you can probably guess by now, I agree with Trump on this issue as well. I live in the state of Texas. I see illegal immigrants coming into this state taking jobs that could go to legal citizens of this state. I also see the news on a nightly basis where some immigrant in some country somewhere plants a bomb and kills dozens to hundreds of innocent people. Not to mention I lived in this country during 9/11 where immigrants allowed into this country committed the deadliest attack on US soil ever orchestrated. I want secure borders where it takes more than showing a passport to get in. I am not racist, nor do I wish those from other countries to suffer in the slums they live in in their home countries, but I have children of my own to protect and it is hard enough to protect them from the jack-booted thugs that are American born let alone those that come



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