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A Comparison: Rudolf Auer And Ilmars Apkalns

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Essay Preview: A Comparison: Rudolf Auer And Ilmars Apkalns

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As I walked down the streets of a neighborhood in Atlanta, I carefully observed my surroundings and the things close to me. As I looked to the right of me, a book was neatly located beside of a wastebasket. As I proceeded to open this book, I quickly realized that this was a book of art and appealing photographs. Nevertheless, there were two images that captured my attention the most. Dressed in blue and white, while standing on the tip of their toes, two ballerinas come into view as being so graceful. Their arms are spread apart, as if their creating a circle as they turn. With their back areas covered in glitter along with their hair, the two girls look so stunning. As you look at the image it seems to blur, so that it can give you the effect as if the girls were in movement. Totally opposite from the ballerinas, my other breath-taking image, presents itself with sadness. There is a young boy placed on a platform wearing a white shirt. His left leg is placed behind him, while his right leg appears to be at an angle in the front of himself. His arms are opened, as if he is reaching out for the object that appears to be far away. This object could be god or maybe his guardian angel. Surrounded by dark dirt, with the clouds very spacious, the picture appears to take place at sunset.

One picture gives you the component of light, and it affects your thoughts, moods and actions. The photograph of the ballerinas exemplifies value and even shade. Although , the ballerinas differ in positions on the illustration, it gives their picture unity and variety. The blurriness gives you contrast, the dark against the light, and the brightness against the extremely dull. The picture pertaining to the young boy, provides you with a horizon, which is where land meets the sky. Emphasis's is put on the little boy and the estranged figure is reaching out for.

Rudolf Auer and Ilmars Apkalns, the artists of these two artworks, expressed sorrow along with gracefulness



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