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A Christian Government

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A Christian Government

After months of thinking and trying to find the right opportunity, a man finally decides to propose to the one he loves. He takes his lover to the most romantic spot under the stars he can think of. He feels the time is right and he gets down on one knee before his love and asks them to be their partner for the rest of their lives. His lover is as happy as can be that they were proposed to, but sadly declines the proposal. When asked why the proposal was declined, his lover tells him that the state will not allow two men to marry. Now why would the state of banned gay marriage? Understanding that a church would not wed two men, or women, why not be married in court? Nowhere in the constitution does it address gay people to be unequal or unnatural, so why take away their individual right to marry? The answer is Christian belief. Christianity has played a large part in American history ever since the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria landed on America's shores. All through elementary school, children are taught that the settlers came to this new land called America because they wanted to be able to practice religious freedom. Is that all the founders came here for, religion? If this were true, why would the founders make a constitution set around individual freedoms instead of religious views? The reason why is because the founders wanted each person, as an individual or group, to be able to enjoy the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But unfortunately politicians have ignored the constitution for what it is by throwing religion into issues such as abortion, stem cell research, and gay rights.

Abortion these days is a touchy subject. Some people belief aborting a fetus is murder, and that is perfectly understandable. However there are other reasons why abortion is so touchy. Some Christian politicians have tried to completely prohibit abortion because they believe it is getting rid of the fetus's soul. This reason is not backed by the constitution, but it is still one of the mains reasons abortion is so controversial. Another issue tied to abortion is stem cell research.

Stem cell research exactly what it sounds like, researching ways stem cells can be used in medical science. Stem cell research is believed by many scientists to be the future of medical science. Stem cell research has already proved that it can work miracles; it has cured lung cancer in a man and allowed him to live an extra thirty years, it has cured a man with lung disease and allowed him to live a longer, pain-free, life. Stem cell research is also believed to hold the key to curing Alzheimer's disease, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and some handicaps physical handicaps. However, funds for stem cell research are limited due to some controversy. Why would such a great discovery be controversial? The reason why is because of where stem cells come from. Stem cells generally come from a pre fetus structure, simply speaking; a fertilized egg before it has formed any organs, skin, intestines, or a brain. Christian politicians believe that the sack



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