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A Brave New World Compared To 1984

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A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley has many of the same basic ideas as 1984 by George Orwell, but the two are more different than alike. In both books a totalitarian government is in complete control of the people, but A Brave New World shows a more positive side of this type of government than does 1984. 1984 doesn't show any good things that have come out of having this form of government, and is a warning of what can happen if people stop thinking for themselves and don't question the government.

In A Brave New World there are many drawbacks to having a totalitarian government, but it also shows many positive aspects of having the kind of government. The government in 1984 is much harsher than in A Brave New World and the government scares the people into doing whatever they say. The government spies on them through telescreens to make sure no one is going against the government, and if they are they mysteriously disappear and all records of the person are erased. The government is much nicer to the people in A Brave New World, and the people are allowed more freedom.

Because the government controls every aspect of life in 1984 the people are just a senseless mob who work all day for the government with out question. They lack any individuality or personalities and never question anything they are doing. The people in A Brave New World are also lacking in individuality and act as the government tells them to. In both books history is kept secrete to the general public to keep people from getting ideas. In 1984 the history is distorted and rewritten to fit how the government wants it to be, and in a Brave New World history is completely forgotten and never mentioned.

The ways the governments keep order however are very different. In a Brave New World the government keeps peace and order by assigning a caste system. Everyone his happy and content with their life, and can't imagine things being any different.



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