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7 Years War

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The seven years war in America significantly changed our way of living. The War changed it economically, politically and ideologically. Without the seven years war, America would not be what it is today.

It has become changed economically by people realizing now that the lands are becoming more and more valuable like what Canassatego, chief of the Onondaga Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy said to the Representatives of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia: "our lands are now become more valuable" Document B. In document H, there is a picture of a newspaper masthead that has many things saying that its going out. One of them is "Adieu Adieu to LIBERTY", another is "EXPIRING: In Hopes of a Resurrection to LIFE again" and "The Times are Dreadful Doleful Dismal Dolorous and Dollarless".

During the war many people pledged to serve Britain eagerly. George Washington writes a letter to Robert Ormer, General Edward Braddock's assistant saying: "...Laudable desire I may have to serve (with my best abilities) my king and country..." Document C. The spirits were boosted in New England when Reverend Thomas Baranrd spoke to the people: "...When Britain the special care of heaven blessed with a patriot-sovereign, served by wise and faithful counselors, brave commanders, successful fleets and armies, seconded in her efforts by all her children, and by none more zealously than by those of new England..." In the same sermon, reverend Thomas Barnard wished Britain the best of luck: "Here shall our indulgent Mother, who has most generously rescued and protected us, be served and honored by growing numbers, with all duty, love and gratitude, till time shall be no more." Document E. But all of the politics was not well. Taken from a diary of a Massachusetts's soldier, says he is denied the rights of an Englishmen even though is English-born: "...Though we be English men born, we



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