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7 Types of Negotiations and 1 Big Myth

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Essay Preview: 7 Types of Negotiations and 1 Big Myth

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7 types of negotiations and 1 big myth

The writer has told us about the types of negotiations and clarified the assumption people take that everyone wins in negotiation. Author then explained it with an example of a pie and acknowledged us with different type. There is a win-win situation where both partners get something extra, In win-lose, one party gets a little advantage, adversarial negotiations are competitive because it includes evidences, lose-lose is where both parties loses, collaborative is friendly, Multi-party negotiations are where more parties involve and the last one was bad-faith in which one of the parties have an intention to not complete the agreement.

Negotiation Skills: Negotiation Strategies and Negotiation Techniques to Help You Become a Better Negotiator

The author started with an example of a CEO of a cell phone case manufacturer where foreman and an engineer had a little conflict regarding the flaws in the design. Sam who is a CEO then used the negotiation strategies and techniques to make peace between them and find it very useful for further such problems. The techniques helped him to understand their concerns, demands, how to do decision-making and manage talks. The article further explains the skills to handle tough questions and scenarios and how to grab the issue and then execute it with the help of negotiation skills.

Six Surprising Negotiation Tactics That Get You The Best Deal:

The columnist writes the tactics which are result of a research by her colleagues. There are six negotiation approaches which can take you to the final result. Started with the 1st point which is to share some of your personal information with the parties to earn their trust, then rank your goals and outcomes which you are expecting and have some idea about the target price in your mind. Make the first attempt and then try to counter it with your bargaining power but do not negotiate by countering too low which will ultimately have a bad impact on your deal.

9 science-backed tactics for winning a negotiation:

The writer has written about the nine logical arguments to win a negotiation. In the first tactic, you should make a first offer to get an upper hand in the discussion, do not be shy to make a confident offer but you must have at least accepted offer in mind which you will ultimately accepts if the discussion does not goes in your favor. The other tactics are to observe the body language of other person and then show your potential by telling him about yourself. Always ask in range not single value and put all alternatives in mind.



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