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6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently

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Essay Preview: 6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently

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Critical Review

“6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently”

The article ‘6 Things Great Leaders do differently’ is reality check for all the aspiring leaders. The article beautifully talks about the thin line that differentiates an effective leader from the one who may not be ready to take the responsibilities that come with that position. The article beautifully describes an instance from the life of Starbuck’ CEO Howard Schultz. He is one admirable leader and does things differently. He completely turned his back to the idea of presidency because he felt that he still had a lot to do as the CEO of Starbucks.

It’s extremely difficult to actually understand and pin down the qualities of an effective leader. One or two instances are not sufficient for a person to prove his leadership qualities. It takes a lot of efforts and a thousand little day to day instances to make everyone believe his qualities as an effective leader.

The article has articulated the 6 critical things that great leaders do that really stand out.

  1. They are kind without being weak

That probably is the toughest challenge for any leader. People in organizations often associate kindness with weakness. But it is actually just the opposite. The balancing act is tough to achieve. Being honest and straightforward without being harsh is often to difficult to achieve.

  1. They’re strong without being harsh

Courage is surely the key to success. But unfortunately a lot of leaders mistake domineering, controlling and harsh behavior for strength. The article bursts that myth completely. It describes strength as something that a leader ought to display time and again in the face of adversity.

  1. They are confident without being cocky

Confidence is contagious and attracts everyone towards it. But the only key is to not cross that thin line between being confident and overtly arrogant. Passion and confidence should pave way to humility. Accomplishments should not instil a sense of superiority. It’s also advisable to stay true to your roots.



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