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5ss by Dave Chaffey

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“5Ss” model found by Dave Chaffey gives an opportunity to widen the familiarity of a good through digital marketing in large perspectives. The company under observation may find this way of marketing very useful and effective. As Monohrom LLC is oriented in production and sale of toners and consumables to office equipment. So, the main audiences who are interested in its products spend their time in front of PC and have access to the internet. The main objectives of the model are:

Sell – the primary goal of any business is to increase the profit. Some pursue the decrease of production costs while the main intention of SEO is to increase the sales. Implementation of “5Ss” model will lead to the magnification of sales by broadening the advertisements on a large scales and accessing more customers. Once the ad is popped out on any website it stimulates the onlooker to follow the link and become a future customer.

Serve – as important as “sell” part. This part includes in itself the content and attractiveness of a company’s web page. It is basically adding value to the visitor’s time spent on a web site. The web page is the main source of acquisition of information and broadcasting news and ads. Adding value is a result of decrease of loading time, useful relevant content, descriptive price details and etc.

Speak – this phase is all about interaction of producer with its clients. This part of the model can be improved by number of ways. 24/7 hotline is one of the most efficient ways of getting in touch with regular customers. Conduction of surveys and forums is another way of getting feedback on current performance of a firm. The last but not the least point is being active in social media: by replying to tweets, posting an attractive and useful staff on Facebook, or by hiring a dedicated blogger to do all the steps mentioned above.

Save – this notion stands for the reduction of company’s costs by using modern technologies. One of the main objectives of internet marketing is to cut the expenditures on banners and TV ads. Also, the firm may eliminate office costs by implementing online ordering system, online catalogue and etc. For instance Monohrom LLC implemented an e-catalogue of its products on their web page.

Sizzle – is a summation of all “4Ss” described above. This term stands for brand awareness and application of new “sizzle” in to the existing mix. The best example of sizzle is the introduction of Nke+ running application. The Monohrom LLC hasn’t been very active so far (the last post was on December 8, 2017). The improvement of sizzling can be achieved by introduction of new applications and make it available to download on App store and Play market.

  1. Content marketing and engagement strategy

The notion Content Marketing states that this type of marketing cares about the substance of posts and blogs which contains advertising intentions. In the modern world where people are in a close concern with social media and whole world network itself, it’s getting really hard to marvel a visitor and catch his/her attention. In order to get satisfying results there are some tools such as Opt-in-Email and Online PR, proper fulfillment of which will lead to splendid outcome. The case of Monohrom LLC is not an exception, thus the maintenance of above mentioned strategies undoubtedly leads the company to a luminary stage.



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