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25 Killing

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Holding her under was the easiest. When the bubbles stopped and she lay still I let go. She floated at the top. It didn’t take more then 20 seconds. “Are you implying that’s what happen?’ the officer accused me, after I told him my first conclusion. “It wouldn’t have taken more then 20 seconds to drown her. You should be arresting my husband for this.’ I was frustrated, and being a doctor I jumped to conclusions. He knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

‘We were told you are having problems.’ The officer walked back and forth, never losing eye contact. I sighed in defeat. ‘Your husband told us everything. You killed your own child to hide your dirty little secret. She wasn’t his daughter. He said he loved her anyway and knew all along. He’s not off the hook but we found your fingerprints on the tub.’ I was shaking, at the thought of going to jail for this. My child had just been murdered and they questioned me.

I was a few seconds again from breaking down. Every question about her was making the pain hit me harder. I could still hear her soft giggles and sweet farts. Every time she fell asleep on my stomach, she would hiccup. ‘Why would I kill my own child?’ I asked, letting a tear slip away from my tight grasp. He ignored my tear and glared harder. He didn’t believe me and we both knew it.

Yes I had cheated, but that didn’t mean I didn’t love my husband. ‘I was in the kitchen the whole time, I wasn’t near her. But I’m starting to wish I was.’ At that second he walked in. Tears rolled down his cheeks like waterfalls. When he looked at me you could see pure rage. ‘You know I would never hurt her.’ I pleaded as she handcuffed me. As I passed my husband I saw a glint in his eyes. He killed his own child.

(Husbands POV)

My warm hands gripped the side of the tub. Every sound, but running water was blocked



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