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2 Critiques On Sexual Diversity

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This essay captured the different aspects of sexual diversity throughout the different cultures by explaining the different roles between men and women in politics, social circumstances and labor. As you understand from reading this each society has their own roles for men and women. Some societies would have women care for livestock when others wouldn't. For instance in African and Native American societies women were allowed to be in a position of political or religious authority but in a European society this was usually denied unless otherwise brought into status or power by right or birth. Overall this essay was very good in explaining the differences in society diversity.

This essay explained in detail the differences between the societies from the start of development and today's world. Currently there is still a division of sexes that exists. For instance women were not allowed to hold certain political and social positions within the community. Presently there still hasn't been a woman who's been president of the United States. It's not an intentional law but it just hasn't happened. This may change within time. The past and present have moderately changed socially but there are still similarities about them with the sexual divisions. As the essay relates to in the past women would tend to the children and food preparation as is very common in today's society. The essay was well written and I feel explained all aspects of the differences in societies with the past and present.



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