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12 Angy Men

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I know this quiz will be a bit of a surprise but given the speed and intelligence of both classes I feel this will be more interesting and educational. I'm giving you basically a month to complete.

Just a warning, I am leaving for Miami at 7am tomorrow and will be gone until Sunday late. I will have little computer time and will try my best to answer any dire questions. Have a great week!


Quiz 2

Contrary to what was stated in class, this quiz will cover Chapter?s 7,10 and 17. It?s due March 2nd.for the Friday class and March 5th for the Monday class. This will be worth three quizzes.

Watch the film 12 Angry Men. Located in Albertson?s Library, Boise Public Library, Nampa Library, Meridian, 5-mile library?can also be sent over from Mountain Home or Caldwell. Prepare a 3-5 page essay identifying the different styles of listening, conflict and effective persuasion. Explain how these styles helped escalate or resolve the conflict. Utilize Chapters 7, 10 and 17 to explain your response.

Identify themes and / or concepts as depicted in the film. D quality work may or may not include concepts from the text. C work will incorporate a couple concepts thrown in here and there but will not incorporate explanation. B quality work will incorporate several communication concepts and will begin to incorporate a discussion of these concepts. A quality work will present a thorough understanding of the concepts and their relationships within the movie. Here are some questions to jog your thinking:

What forms of group communication do you see illustrated in this film? 3 Examples



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