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02/05 ~ Park: "human Ecology”

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02/05 ~ Park: "Human Ecology”

According to Park, he argues that the environment or community experiences changes just as well as the species that it inhabits

He then explains human ecology as the interactions between “...(1) population, (2) artifacts (technological culture), (3) custom and beliefs (non-material culture), and (4) the natural resources that maintain at once the biotic balance and the social equilibrium”

Granted, Park utilizes the teachings of Darwinism in which describes that each species exist for another species in order to promote life all around. He also utilizes Darwin's theory of competition amongst organisms and creates his own interpretation. He also exclaims that competition on the biotic level, involving the plants and animals, is relatively unrestricted. Well conversely, Society is an organized and functional organization in which each individual that inhabits it, is working together for a common purpose, this is relatively restricted.

Then, he goes on to say that human ecology in regards to social order, is based on competition rather than consensus. He explains that this phenomenon is due to the population, Whenever there is a higher population, individuals tend to be more competitive so that they can survive and excel in large society. This is then when he uses his four factors as an example in which include again population, technology culture, non material culture, and the natural resources that maintain the biotic balance and social equilibrium.

An example of this type of competition among human beings in society, would be an ordinary office job in which is led by a CEO. Most of the employees are working by themselves behind their own computers, and are not concerned with the what their fellow co-workers are doing. All of the employees are working on getting their promotions,



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