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The Origin Of Humanity

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We live on a planet

believed to be 4.5 billion years of age with millions

of people covering all parts of it. Where did they

come from? Did the whole human population

originate from one of people or were we placed

here and then improved or changed by an

intervention? I believe that humanity on planet

earth was created by evolution. Both the

creationist and interventionist theories seem to far

fetched to be accountable theories for the creation

of humanity on planet earth. There are a lot more

questions that remain unanswered such as if

spacemen put us on earth why didn't they bother

to teach humans anything? And if the creationist

theory were accurate why can't God control

natural disasters on his planet? He is so clever to

create everything known to mankind why doesn't

he make the perfect world if he had that much

control? There seems to be quite a bit more

sustantial evidence on earth to support the theory

of evolution. The evidence is holds up more

because actual samples of fossils have been

collected and scientifically tested using a method

called carbon dating to determine the age of the

fossils. Which can then be examined and placed

along a timeline. The time periods show slight

differences in bone structure showing what is

hypothesized to be the human evolving. Evolving

from what though? The theory



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