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Violence In School

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Johan Malcolm


Research Paper

8th Grade

Revised Version

Adolescent violence is partly attributable to escalating sequences of events that culminate in outcomes unintended by the participants. This study of violent incidents among middle and high schools students focused not only on the types and frequency of these incidents but also on their dynamics-the locations, the "opening moves," the relationship between disputants, the goals and justifications of the aggressor, the role of the third parties, and other factors. I intend to describe the dangers and effects of school violence.

The causes of school violence are that psychiatrists give medication to children and teens, the role of the media, such as movies, TV broadcasts, music, and video and computer games. There are other situations which causes school violence that is in your family because of divorce, separation, or sent to a foster home, the environment you live in, being involved in gangs, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, being consistently bullied, and having an easy access to any kind of weapon.

School violence is a serious matter in our US society today. It to me is serious and dangerous at the same time, but the problem that we have which some of us can't seem to realize is that we are the problem; we are the ones who cause it. There are many of people in this country who are not involved in it; they should be the ones to speak out against it and try to stop it. The problem with that is some people don't want to speak out because they don't want to be scared of what might be the result of it all, but we should still speak out. Many parents send their child or children to school to learn; they do not want to get a phone call saying that your child was brutally beaten or killed to death by his/her classmates.


So, the National Youth Violence Prevention Center made a survey on how serious it is in schools.

1. 7% of students carry a weapon or weapons to school

2. 8% of students have been threatened or injured with a weapon on school grounds.

3. 14% of students have been involved in fights on school grounds.

4. 5% of students have missed at least one day of school because they are scared to


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