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  • What Drives Communities On Islands?

    What Drives Communities On Islands?

    What drives communities on islands? A community can broadly be defined as a congregation of various species occurring simultaneously in time and space. A more detailed description comes from Whittaker (1975): An assemblage of populations of plants, animals, bacteria and fungi that live in an environment and interact with one

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  • What Fitness Means

    What Fitness Means

    What does fitness mean to me? Well to start off, when I think of fitness, I think of exercise. Getting out there, and doing something that wears you out, but also makes you feel good about yourself. Then I go on to thinking about eating right, or you could say

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  • What Is A Thyroid Gland?

    What Is A Thyroid Gland?

    Introduction What is a thyroid gland? How much do people understand about it? The organ is located at the base of the neck, surrounding the trachea. This seemingly insignificant body part plays a vital role in maintaining optimal development and ensuring the balance of an organism's central nervous system. In

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  • What Is An Adjoint Model

    What Is An Adjoint Model

    WHAT IS AN ADJOINT MODEL? The article begins by going into the history of the use of adjoints in meteorology. Adjoints are considered by many meteorologists to be powerful modeling tools. Sensitivities are a concern of many research meteorologists, and questions surrounding them require estimations of how synoptic features will

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  • What Is Asthma

    What Is Asthma

    What is asthma? Do you know? We only know the halves and so much of the myths! Today my comrades we will learn the truths and displace the myths so you and I can P.I.N., Pass Information Now and Blow the Whistle on Asthma! Asthma is a disease of

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  • What Is Gynecomastia?

    What Is Gynecomastia?

    A Detailed Explanation of Gynecomastia What is Gynecomastia? Definition Gynecomastia is a common disease of the male breast where there is a benign glandular enlargement of that breast at some time in the male's life. It usually consists of the appearance of a flat pad of glandular tissue beneath a

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  • What Is Love

    What Is Love

    The definition of love is the subject of considerable debate, enduring speculation, and thoughtful introspection. Some tackle the difficulty of finding a universal definition for love by classifying it into types, such as passionate love, romantic love, and committed love. However, some of these types of love can be generalized

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  • What's Hot, What's Not?

    What's Hot, What's Not?

    Every fall, homeowners have the same problem: dead leaves. Trees shed leaves and taint once perfected lawns. To get rid of these leaves, people rake the leaves and assemble them into large piles that trucks come and remove. If these piles are left long enough, they will heat up. On

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  • Wheelchairs


    A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the users sit. You move around by pushing the wheels with your hands. Some wheelchairs, however, are electronic and do not require pushing. They use an automated system. To have a place become 'wheelchair accessable' their must be some sort of

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  • White Sharks

    White Sharks

    White Sharks and the Red-Triangle The Red Triangle is located between San Francisco and Monterey. It is a very dangerous area, occupied by families of large marine mammals. The two significant ones are the White sharks and the elephant seals. The Red Triangle is extremely dangerous for humans swimming

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  • Whitetailed Deer

    Whitetailed Deer

    Whitetail Hunt Whitetail deer are said to be the most commonly hunted animal in North America. Throughout history, people that have lived in America have always wanted this animal for its meat and skin. With the large increase of hunters, our government has made rules and regulations to maintain the

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  • Whopping Cough Science Paper

    Whopping Cough Science Paper

    Mark Howey 11/15/15 Whopping Cough This paper will discuss pertussis, which is better known by its common name, whooping cough (Brown, 2015). Once considered a disease suffered only by children, it is now known that the disease can infect anyone, including young children who have completed the full course of

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  • Why Are So Many Children Obese?

    Why Are So Many Children Obese?

    Barrett, D. (2007). Waistland: The revolutionary science behind our weight and fitness crisis. New York: WW Norton and Company. - This book centers around diet and fitness strategies that people of today currently are relying on. Barrett talks about food as a drug, and things that we must eat in

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  • Why Do We Need Solar Energy?

    Why Do We Need Solar Energy?

    Why Do We Need Solar Energy? With the world's natural resources depleting rapidly, humans must find a way to compensate. This society has milked oil, coal, gasoline, lead, uranium, and many other of these reservoirs in our Earth for hundreds of years and much has been done. Asphalt was used

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  • Why Do We Need The Rainforest?

    Why Do We Need The Rainforest?

    We need it because trees and plants take carbon dioxide and because some medicine products we need are made from the things in the rainforest. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is naturally found in the air and also comes from burning trees, vehicles running on gasoline, and from exhaling.

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  • Why Human Cloning Is Wrong

    Why Human Cloning Is Wrong

    I bet many of you have seen Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Multiplicity, or many of the other movies that describe cloning. Most of what you see in these movies is false. What you don't know is that cloning could be dangerous, to the clone and to our society as a

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  • Why It Is Important for a Product Developer to Have a Strong Technical Background

    Why It Is Important for a Product Developer to Have a Strong Technical Background

    Numerous skill sets are necessary to succeed in the professional world, but different professions require strength in differing areas. The role of a product developer has the potential to encompass a broad range of duties but the primary responsibility is to be a scientist. Although it is advantageous for an

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  • Why Learn Mathematics in Engineering?

    Why Learn Mathematics in Engineering?

    Why learn mathematics in engineering? Numbers are not objects therefore are not something tangible, you can say that they are elements that can help us make accounts in many ways and translate them in different ways to express and that can interpret our reasoning. The degree of difficulty of mathematics

    Words: 258  •  Pages: 2
  • Why Skin Comes In Colors

    Why Skin Comes In Colors

    Why Skin Comes In Colors I have read an article on 'Why skin comes in colors" by Blake Edgar, and he gives a brief analysis of why that is so. According to my research, skin color is largely determined by the amount of melanin the skin produces. Dark-skinned individuals

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  • Why There Are No More Monorails?

    Why There Are No More Monorails?

    Student: Tomas Pinochet Date: 27/04/2007 Why are there not more Monorails? Monorails were proposes as the transport of the future in the 1960's, it was expected that the system could be the solution for increased congestion on the cities. The years have pass and the expected investment in the

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  • Why Weed Should Be Legal

    Why Weed Should Be Legal

    "Why Marijuana Should Be Legal" This issue of the legalization of marijuana in modern day society is a very controversial issue. Some think making marijuana legal would not benefit society, others including myself believe legalizing marijuana can greatly benefit society. There are many ways legalizing marijuana help the government

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  • Wild Fires

    Wild Fires

    Wild Fires A wildfire is one of the most destructive natural disasters known to man. Even though a wildfire is called a natural disaster, nine out of ten wildfires are caused by humans. Other causes of wildfires can include lightning strikes and arson, just to name a few. A wildfire

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  • Wiliiam Shockley-Autobiography

    Wiliiam Shockley-Autobiography

    William Shockley was born on February 13, 1910 in London, England. He is most famously noted for winning the Nobel Prize in physics in 1956. He won this for being the co-inventor of the transistor with John Bardeen and Walter Houser Brattain. Shockley's parents were both Americans. His father,

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  • Wing Pattern Evolution And The Origins Of Mimicry Of North American Admirals

    Wing Pattern Evolution And The Origins Of Mimicry Of North American Admirals

    Admiral butterflies (genus Limenitis) are a particularly appealing system to address questions regarding wing pattern evolution and speciation. This genus is unusual among other butterflies in that mimicry has evolved multiple times and hybridization is frequent between wing pattern forms. An interesting fact of wing pattern evolution within this genus

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  • Wireless Communications

    Wireless Communications

    Wireless Communications Wireless communications are everywhere. People around the world regularly send and receive messages wirelessly, that is, transmitted through the air. Three types of wireless communications include wireless messaging services, wireless Internet access points, and global positioning systems. People use mobile phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices to access

    Words: 333  •  Pages: 2
  • Wireless: The New Backseat Driver?

    Wireless: The New Backseat Driver?

    On Thursday, General Motors demonstrated a vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V, wireless communication system that alerts you when a collision is imminent. The automaker equipped regular Cadillac STS sedans with wireless and Global Positioning System antennae and computer chips that allow the cars to communicate with other vehicles with similar equipment. Click

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  • Wiss. Arb.

    Wiss. Arb.

    1 ALLGEMEINES ZUM INHALT 2 1.1 Zweck 2 1.2 Wissenschaftlichkeit 3 1.2.1 Die wissenschaftliche Methode 3 1.2.2 Wissenschaftliche Theorien 3 1.2.3 Wissenschaftssprache 3 PrÐ"¤zision und VerstÐ"¤ndlichkeit 3 WertneutralitÐ"¤t 4 Empirisch fundiert 4 Mathematik und Logik als Hilfswissenschaften 4 1.3 Themenwahl und Fragestellung 4 1.4 Materialsuche 4

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  • Wizard Island

    Wizard Island

    Wizard Island Wizard Island is undoubtedly a unique and interesting name for a volcano, in fact this volcano maybe better known as the island volcano in the middle of crater lake. Wizard Island is located in the west coast of crater lake, Oregon (United States) on the North American continent,

    Words: 725  •  Pages: 3
  • Wolverine


    The Gulo gulo, an elusive mammal, is the fiercest creature in its family, Mustelidae. Its most common name is the wolverine but is also referred to as the skunk bear, glutton, and carcajou. The conservation of this carnivorous mammal insures not only the wolverine's survival but also the survival of

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  • Wood


    Which type of wood absorbs water the quickest? I. Introduction A. Thesis statement: Different species of wood absorb water differently II. Definition A. What wood is B. What wood consists of III. Properties of wood. A. Moisture content B. Shrinkage C. Permeability D. Thermal properties E. Electrical properties F.

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