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Marriage In America

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The most important quality of a married couple is love. Attitudes and responsibilities are some important factors for the development of a good marriage. Building a happy marriage is the result of an aware effort on the part of a husband and a wife. A lifelong union, people bound together by a bond of love, can be considered marriage. It begins with a ceremony known as a wedding, which formally unites the two partners. A marital relationship usually involves some kind of agreement. Marriage is commonly defined as an organization between two members of opposite sex known as husband and wife. The usual roles and responsibilities of the husband and wife take at home living together, having sexual relations only with one another, sharing economic resources, and being recognized as the parents of their children. On the other hand, marriage involves an emotional and sexual relationship between those two particular human beings. In some cultures, marriage connects two families, while in some cases, land, valuables, and even physical work is exchanged between the families. The extended family and society also share an interest in any children the couple may have. Also, the legal and religious definitions of marriage and the laws that surround it, usually represents their norms and culture values. The bond of marriage is desired because in today’s world it seems to be the most common method of prospering, but the glue that holds it all together is communication.

A marriage depends on emotional maturity that means that it needs the sense of responsibility, self-confidence, and in others. “The following trends might be factors contributing to marital maladjustments: lack of preparation, emphasis on romanticism, lack of family pride, rapid social changes, hurried and careless marriages, lack of religious influence, false views regarding marriage failures, extremes of wealth and poverty the impact of mass media” (Henslin). James Henslin lists a few factors that are common and can often hinder marriages. A breakdown in communication leads to misunderstandings. Communication is an important process to have success in your marriage. “It is mainly through some form of communication that differences and misunderstandings can come to light” (Henslin). In all marriages there is always some kind of problem. Subsequent to researching and simply reading about marriage, I have come to the conclusion that all almost all have to do with bad communication. In some cases from real life and my personal experiences, couples discuss things that are not that important. For example, money and material things, because they are necessary for life but people do not need them for living.

Marriage is a society that depends on natural law, one necessary for man because of man’s nature. The family is a natural society that is necessary to continue the race. According to Stephanie Coontz, “Marriage is a union and a stable union, hence the insistence on monogamy and the rejection of divorce” (Coontz 255). With the weight of “continuing the race,” as Coontz would say, it becomes crucial to keep the bond between the two spouses strong, and the fear of separation, divorce, or the conclusion of a marriage to leave quite a burden on one person. While many factors can affect a marriage, communication remains constant in every aspect.

Family policy is everything that governments do that affect families, directly or indirectly. “It connotes choice with respect to the pursuit and attainment of collectively agreed-upon goals and values in addressing the problems of families in relation to society” (Grace). The most important goal of family policy is individual and family well-being. I can personally relate to this quote being that I strongly agree that well-being is everything while in a relationship because more often then not it is affecting more than just one person. It is very important the position that a person has individually, with his or her family, for relations with others, and for their place or role on society. A person can determine all of this with the organization and role of the family status. “The seriousness of the wide discrepancies in individual and family well-being attributes to race, gender, and social class that were noted in the discussion is underscored here” (Grace). All of this is very important to have a good relationship with others. For example, the connection that people have with acquaintances or friends is also important for family communication because a reputation established in your surroundings will translate to how your family is viewed, your morals and values, and how you communicate with each other. The idea of family policy affecting marriage and communication can be traced back to the pre-modern Europe times when the uncommon same-sex marriage was on the rise.

Many questions remain about same-sex unions in pre-modern Europe. “Such unions, in various forms, were widespread in the ancient world, where heterosexual matrimony tended to be viewed as a dynastic or business arrangement, and love in such relationships, where it occurred, arise following the coupling” (Kmiec). Men and women were more likely to put in or share feelings would be called “romantic” in a same sex-relationship. In the past it was considered that the Christian ceremony of same-sex union was considered a “gay marriage ceremony”. The Christian Church does not think that the same-sex union is an incorrect relation and that they do not accept it, but God made a union of two different types of couples to procreate. This does not mean Christianity is against same-sex couples, but means that it should be re-evaluated.


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