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How the Hotel Will Benefit from Hosting the Series

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2. While Jon Martineau is excited about marketing prospects of the hotel, there are some pros and cons in accepting the offer. Provide some arguments about how the hotel will benefit from hosting the Series. In addition, argue against hosting the Series by considering the concepts of guest satisfaction and revenue management.

In accepting the offer made there are some pros and cons that come with it:

 Pros-

o Vacationers staying at the hotel might enjoy being in the same hotel as famous athletes. They might even tell their friends about it which would also indirectly provide marketing promotions for the hotel.

o Accra Hotel will be mentioned as the host in all their promotional materials. This could definitely open a new segment of athletes and teams to stay at Accra instead of another hotel. It would have a tremendous impact on the image of the hotel.

o There was a decrease in the number of occupied rooms last year so having the assurance that 50 of the rooms available will be occupied creates a cushion for Accra hotel in case the number of occupied rooms decreases even more.

 Cons-

o Even though the decrease in occupancy in the last year, overall Accra hotel has been enjoying a reasonably high occupancy because of some of their loyal guests. By allowing WICB to stay at the hotel they are risking losing some of these guests if they aren’t able to accommodate them this year.

o Because there is a higher regard for celebrities, the staff in the hotel will have to put more focus on WICB instead of the general guest which could backfire and lead to a negative brand equity.

o There will always be guests that don’t care about seeing professional athletes or be on TV. Most people go on vacation to have a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy their time


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