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Case Summary Of Benefits Of Team Work

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Benefits of teamwork:

1. Author: Nada AbiSamra.

Teams outperform individuals because teams generate a special energy. This energy develops as team members work together fusing their personal energies and talents to deliver tangible performance results.

There are number of benefits for team work. Among them are:

a) Distributing the workload

b) Reinforcing individual capabilities

c) Creating participation and involvement

d) Making better decisions

e) Feeling like we play a part in the work being done.

f) Generating a diversity of ideas, etc.


Publisher: Author: Sue Campbell

Work teams are essential to organization success. The following benefits are described briefly.

a) Job satisfaction: People who prefer group work are more satisfied with group work.

b) Higher work group productivity: People working in groups are more productive when tasks require working together and when rewards are related to group success. Groups that had both integrated work and members on their team who had a high preference for group work had high productivity even when rewards were not group based.

c) Brains and ability - higher GPAs

Jason D. Shaw, Michelle K. Duffy and Eric Ms. Stark, Interdependence and Preference for Group Work: Main and Congruence Effects on the Satisfaction and Performance of Group Members, Journal of Management 2000 Vol. 26 No. 2 pp. 259-279




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