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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's plays have amazed many generations with his superior vocabulary and compelling characters and plot. Shakespeare's plays would not be nearly as well known or rejoiced if it wasn't for the Globe Theatre, a revolutionary (at the time) design that made it easy for the audience to see the performance. The theatre unfortunately was burnt on June 29, 1663 was rebuilt on June 1964, but more on that later. The Globe was Shakespeare's first theatre for the company he worked for; they built it just for their playwright's which at the time was amazing. Shakespeare had a love for the theatre and felt that the building of the Globe Theatre many more people would be able to enjoy it also, and he was right.

The First Globe Theatre was constructed on 1599 by the play company Shakespeare was working for called the King's Men. The Globe Theatre was made to perform Shakespeare's plays and other playwrights at the time. The Globe Theatre was a place for Shakespeare's numerous plays like Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, and Merchant of Venice. The motive the company had was the little amount of theatres in their area, so they decided to build one for their playwrights, to this day there are many replicas of the Globe Theatre:

Ð'* U.S.A.

o OSF Elizabethan Theatre, Ashland, Oregon, built in 1935, rebuilt 1947 and 1959

o San Diego, Old Globe Theatre, built in 1935[15]

o Cedar City, Utah, Adams Shakespearean Theatre

o Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier, built 1999[16]

o Dallas, Texas, Old Globe Theatre, built 1936[17]

o Odessa, Texas, The Globe Theatre Of The Great Southwest

o Williamsburg, Virginia, Globe Theatre, built 1975 in the Banbury Cross section of Busch Gardens Europe [1]

Ð'* Germany

o Neuss am Rhein, Globe Neuss, built 1991

o Rust, Baden, Germany (in German), Europa-Park (in German), built 2000

o SchwÐ"¤bisch Hall, Baden-WÐ"јrttemberg

Ð'* Italy

o Rome,[18], built 2003

Ð'* Czech Republic

o Prague, built 1999, burned down in 2005[19]

Ð'* Japan

o Tokyo, Isozakia Arata's


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