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The Cool Air Embraces Whatever Daring Soul Walks Down the Steep, Yellowish Linoleum Stairs

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The cool air embraces whatever daring soul walks down the steep, yellowish linoleum stairs.

Light cascades into the darkness from the slits between a small boarded up window. Rick and morty play on the small vhs television. The dryer shakes violently, as if an arctic winter consumed it, while the waking heater roared against the otherwise gravely silent background. Signal to the tv cuts out every few minutes due to shitty cable providers, making it dimmer every day, every night, in every way.

The cold cemented floor is cracked and stained from its long lived life. Although there is no evidence of cigarettes, the smell lingers. The scent was so strong that it would make rotting corpse smell good. An old fashioned dartboard hangs upon the wall, free from the darts that plague the wooden board around it. The crippled couch balances its leg upon an old operation board game. Couch pillows are thrown around the room, unaccustomed to their “new” home on the floor. The floor is covered in empty beer bottles which surround the half broken furniture. Some shattered from being thrown or stepped on.

The walls bleed from the holes put in them, as if they helped protect soldiers during war. The lights flicker like they are scared to be seen by anything. Christmas decorations lie all over the floor. Making each and every step impossible. Dust engulfs the old vintage book case filled with V.C. Andrews and Charlaine Harris books. A bunch of blankets bundle together comfy enough for a small child to curl up and hide. BOOM BOOM The ceiling creaks as if the giants roamed overhead.

A single lamp glows like a dying fire, forever spilling out a gentle light upon the room. Leather couches crowd around each other, set up perfectly for a movie night. Alcohol hooks onto any nostrils within their reach, leading them through a maze of furniture, over some extension cords and into their hangout spot. An old entertainment center sits bare, except for the empty liquor bottles


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