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  • “When International Buyers And Sellers Disagree”

    “When International Buyers And Sellers Disagree”

    Case: “When International Buyers and Sellers Disagree” The subject of this case is one that happens quite often in international commerce; I personally believe that when doing deals specially with other countries we must especify everything in order to avoid this kind of conflicts. There are differents forms to solve

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  • “Whether Go Global Or Not?”

    “Whether Go Global Or Not?”

    Whether Go Global or Not? Course: Introduction to Marketing Instructor: Matt Bartelsian Assignment: “Whether go global or not?” AUA / MBA 1 Year 2008 Before deciding whether to go global by selling Bjni in Georgia we have to understand the marketing environment of Georgia, demographic, economic, natural, political, cultural and

    Words: 1,653  •  Pages: 7
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