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To Kill A Mockingbird Response

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If I were to become a character in the story, I would become Scout. She seems to see everything and know a lot more than any other character. She has a pretty unique outlook on what she sees, and that's what makes her a good main character. I like her character's personality. She's interesting and funny, and since she acts/seems so young and naive, she's never afraid to say what everyone else might consider silly.

When Miss Maudie's barn burned down, the fire trucks didn't get there very fast, and when they finally got there and started to start up the hose, it burst. The fire truck had to be pushed by the 'firemen' and since it was so cold, and the hose obviously hadn't been used for a while, it burst and broke. In Canada today, firemen and fire trucks get to wherever they're going incredibly fast. They are able to stop most of the fires, and there are rarely any huge fires where lots of people die.

I think the main theme the author wants the reader to think about is kindness. There are all sorts of character in the book that come in and call Atticus, Scout, or Jem 'nigger-lovers', because they stick up for coloured people. The author maybe wants us to think about kindness and why people are kind to each other, or why people are cruel to one another. In making a conflict in which one character is insulted, she's telling us to think about what why we would or why we wouldn't be kind.

The novel is sectioned into two parts. The chapters are paced so one appears after another, as opposed to creating a new page for the next chapter, or letting a whole new page be the chapter cover. As soon as one chapter ends, the next line is entitled, "Chapter #". This lets the reader read in a continuous flow, so when they're so into the book, that their reading won't be disrupted by a pause as they turn the page.


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