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  • James Hoover

    James Hoover

    For nearly half a century J. Edgar Hoover was one of the most powerful officials in the Federal government of the United States. As head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1924 until his death in 1972, he was the nation's chief law enforcement officer. His intimate knowledge of

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  • James Madison

    James Madison

    James Madison, the 4th president of the United States, born March 16, 1751. Despite serving as President, eight years each as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, as secretary of state, his principal contribution to the founding of the United States was the acclaimed "Father of the Constitution."

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  • James Madison

    James Madison

    James Madison’s Influence on the Creation of American History PETRA HORNA April 07, 2008 Table of Contents: IntroductionвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦.…2 The Compromise of 1790вЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦.…..3-4 James MadisonвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦.4-5 Madison’s Defeat on Report on the Public CreditвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦..5-6 Madison’s Opposition to Economic InjusticeвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦..6-7 Slavery вЂ" a Hot Political Issue of the UnionвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦Ð²Ð‚¦7 Introduction The decade of

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  • James Madison Biography

    James Madison Biography

    Like his close friend Thomas Jefferson, James Madison came from a prosperous family of Virginia planters, received an excellent education, and studied law -though only informally-- and quickly found himself drawn into the debates over independence. In 1776, he became a delegate to the revolutionary Virginia Convention, where he worked

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  • James Weldon Johnson

    James Weldon Johnson

    James Weldon Johnson's "The Creation" is very interesting as it gives some interesting interpretations as to the beginning of existence. The poem may allow the reader to make some deductions about the beginning of existence as we know it. People must have some kind of way to explain how

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  • Jane


    osition to free trade, corporate power, and international financial institutions’; the support of �extra-institutional, direct action as a key mode of struggle’; and the recognition of �the diversity of the movement as a strength.’[5] This diversity is enabled by the absence of formalised hierarchies, something that has proven an integral

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  • Jane Addams Hull House

    Jane Addams Hull House

    Victoria Bissell Brown's introduction to Twenty Years at Hull-House explains the life of Jane Addams and her commitment to insight social change to problems that existed during the turn of the 20th century. As a reaction to the hardships of a changing industrial society, Addams decided to establish a settlement

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  • Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre

    When taking into account feministic views in the book, Jane Eyre, it is important to connect with the time period to accurately understand the point of view the author is trying to express. The Victorian Era focuses on telling a story through a dramatic monologue. Their focus is to reveal

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  • Japan Crimes

    Japan Crimes

    IN 1943 when Woo Yun Jae was just 16 years old, she was ripped away from her family and village in Korea by two men she had never met, put on a military truck, brought to a station, placed on a train with blacked-out windows and taken to China. There

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  • Japanese American Internment

    Japanese American Internment

    What was the Japanese American internment? * In 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, a U.S. military base. "Many Americans already disliked the Japanese as a result of racism when the Japanese were being used for cheap labor."1 * As a result "120,000 Japanese men, women, and children were sent to

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  • Japanese Americans Interned In American Prison Camps During World War Two

    Japanese Americans Interned In American Prison Camps During World War Two

    Japanese Americans Interned in American Prison Camps during World War Two Anyone who has taken any sort of history course is most likely to have learned about World War Two and how the basic cause of this war was the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, which was a United

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  • Japanese Internment

    Japanese Internment

    The 1940's was a turning point for American citizens because World War II was taking place during this time. Not only was America at odds with other countries, but also within its self. America is a huge melting pot full of diverse cultures and people from all nations. People

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  • Japanese Internment Camps

    Japanese Internment Camps

    Japanese American Internment Camps Overwhelmingly the response of people in times of desperation is to survive at all costs and make the best of the situation. American history in the mid 20th century provides vivid example of desperate times such as those who were hit hardest by the era of

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  • Japanese Internment During World War II

    Japanese Internment During World War II

    Roy Whited HIS 114 Final Paper Professor Wintour January 18, 2016 Japanese Internment During World War II At first glance, reasoning for the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II seems to be straight forward. On December 7, 1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy conducted a surprise attack on the United

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  • Japanese-American Internment Camps During Wwi

    Japanese-American Internment Camps During Wwi

    We think of Franklin D. Roosevelt as one of our greatest presidents. We see Roosevelt as the president that helped the American people regain faith in themselves, especially at the depth of the great Depression. They say he brought hope as he promised prompt, vigorous action after asserting this statement,

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  • Jefferson Dbq

    Jefferson Dbq

    The Jeffersonian-Republicans (also known as the Democratic-Republicans) were opposed to the Federalists from before 1801-1817. Leaders Thomas Jefferson and James Madison created the party in order to oppose the economic and foreign policies of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party. The Democratic-Republicans supported the French, whereas the Federalists supported

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  • Jefferson Etra Loose Or Tight Reconstruction

    Jefferson Etra Loose Or Tight Reconstruction

    Throughout the beginning of the country's political growth, the United States was divided into two basic political parties known as the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans. While Jefferson and Madison's presidencies were opposed by the Federalists, some of their contributions supported the Federalist Party's beliefs.. While Jefferson and Madison's decisions

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  • Jefferson Outfederalized The Federalists

    Jefferson Outfederalized The Federalists

    After the election of 1800, the Democratic-Republican candidate, Thomas Jefferson, was elected as president. Well-known as a supporter of states rights and an agrarian society, Jefferson felt the need to reduce the differences between the two parties and did much to accomplish this through his two terms. Although Jefferson was

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  • Jefferson Vs Hamilton

    Jefferson Vs Hamilton

    Jefferson vs. Hamilton Jefferson or Hamilton: Who was more important in American history? Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two very important figures in American history but Jefferson was the more influential and profound one of the two rivals. Jefferson was the principal author of the most important document in

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  • Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

    Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

    The two giants of the Washington administration were also the men whose ideas would personify the great debate about what the United States would look like in the future. They were Alexander Hamilton, who was appointed Secretary of the Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State. Hamilton supported

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  • Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

    Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

    The two giants of the Washington administration were also the men whose ideas would personify the great debate about what the United States would look like in the future. They were Alexander Hamilton, who was appointed Secretary of the Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State. Hamilton supported

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  • Jefferson, Poetry, And Dialogue:

    Jefferson, Poetry, And Dialogue:

    Jefferson, Poetry, and Dialogue: A Look into the Influence Behind Jefferson’s Writing of “A Dialogue Between My Head and My Heart” During the earlier stages of my research, I danced around with many topics, all surrounding Thomas Jefferson and poetry. I thought to write about several scrapbooks of his that

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  • Jeffersonian Democracy

    Jeffersonian Democracy

    Jeffersonian Democracy is the set of ideals named after Thomas Jefferson and lasted from the 1800s to the 1820s. The ideals were that of peace, an agrarian republic, a country in which local government was more prominent than federal government, and the basic ideals of the democratic republicans. After

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  • Jeffersonian Era

    Jeffersonian Era

    Ben Boyd AP US History DBQ ESSAY Throughout the period dating from 1801 to 1817, the United States government was primarily controlled by the Jeffersonian Republican party, whereas the Federalist Party began to slowly fade away from public view. The Jeffersonian Republican party, led by Thomas Jefferson, professed to favor

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  • Jena Six

    Jena Six

    In assessing the similarities between the Jena 6 case and Antigone there is a reoccurring theme. That theme is the choice of right and wrong or taking the road less traveled by others. Antigone was presented with the dilemma of following the king’s orders not to give a proper burial

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  • Jesse James

    Jesse James

    Jesse James was born in Clay County, Missouri on the Fifth of September 1847. His parents were Zerelda and Robert James. They were hemp farmers that owned six slaves, but most people wouldn’t know that. They only know him as an outlaw. Nevertheless, the name “Jesse James” is one that

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  • Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens, Track Star James Cleveland Owens was born in 1913 in a small town in Alabama. His parents, Henry and Emma Owens, decided to move the family to Cleveland, Ohio when Jesse Owens was eight years old, being the last of ten children. They didn't have much money, and

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  • Jet Propuilsion

    Jet Propuilsion

    AP Government: Political Culture and Ideology Snapp: Women should be allowed to choose whether they want to abort their unborn child or not. The government should give assistance to women who choose that they do not want a child because they can't support it. If the government didn't help, then

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  • Jewish


    Chanukah, festival of Lights* Festival of Lights Encourages a Celebration of Cultural Identity As Paula Marcus took an evening stroll last winter with her husband and son during their holiday visit to Jerusalem, they were stunned by the beauty they witnessed before them. In the front of virtually every home,

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  • Jewish Involvement In Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881- 1965: A Historical Review

    Jewish Involvement In Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881- 1965: A Historical Review

    This paper discusses Jewish involvement in shaping United States immigration policy. In addition to a periodic interest in fostering the immigration of co- religionists as a result of anti- Semitic movements, Jews have an interest in opposing the establishment of ethnically and culturally homogeneous societies in which they reside as

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