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"island Civilization" Rodernick Nash Thesis Anaysis

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Essay Preview: "island Civilization" Rodernick Nash Thesis Anaysis

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How is it possible that nature and civilization can coexist for over a million years? One word: “Evolution.” Roderick Nash says in “Island Civilization: A vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the fourth millennium” (2008). In this article Nash plans for a wasteland planet that he predicts will occur in a thousand years.

Nash’s word choice makes the third millennium seem as if it lacks direction and focus. By using words like “myopia” to describe the lack of planning into the future, he groups society as a whole when that’s really not what we are (Nash 262). There are people around the world that are proactive who are constantly thinking of ways to save our planet. His descriptions are close-minded to society and make Americans seem like we don't care about the world around us. People around the globe are recycling and conserving to save the world around us. Roderick Nash also uses the word “cancer-like” makes such a gothic picture in the reader's head by portraying civilization as being a “capitalist driven culture” (263). The capitalist he’s speaking about being the small amount of big business owners that instead of helping the environment, damage it.

Roderick Nash mentions in paragraph nineteen “Here’s one problem for which we know the cause the solution. It’s the motivation that is thus far lacking. As it is humans increase and multiply at the rate of 10,000 per hour, a rate that wipes out any gains friends of wildlife and wilderness try to make today. Limiting (either politically and ethically or biologically with a chip implanted at chip) every woman to the use of one for reproduction would in a century bring things back into the balance Island Civilization demands.” This plan is unrealistic. First, who would pay for these chips that would be implanted into babies? By then taxing won’t even be enforced. Making babies get these chips is similar to dogs and cats being implanted with chips. Are children animals to civilization now? Also having only one child are very unrealistic. “The common number of children in a household is 3 said” Babycenter. Why change it? Women deserve the right to their own body since they are the ones carrying the child for nine months. Nash’s expectations of a woman having only one child is far from practical.

Although Nash made arguable points, I do agree with his thought on animal rights. Roderick Nash stated ¨We historically demanded too much of a planet we supposedly share



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