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"do It" Gym

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Name of the business

Our name of the business is “DO IT”. By this we want to say to our customers make thing that they are wanted but delay for tomorrow. And our slogan is “Do it now. Do it yourself”

Nature of the business

Our nature of the business is the sphere of fitness, sphere of fight. We will train not only to make body fit and so to fight.

Unique or distinctive features of the business

Our unique features are followings: Our place is not to just workout. We have an opportunity for mix-fighting fans to make them feel like their idols letting them train and fight in the octagon. Also we will provide seminars once a month with famous sportsmen. We have no limits to customers in case of time. In other words if they buy a ticket for a month they will have unlimited amount of time to train. We have trainer-nutritionist, who takes hem analysis of customers for free, and you can consult with him. For those who want, he can advise schedule of right diet and training. In the training hall there will be TVs on the wall with motivating videos of training of MMA, Boxing, UFC and video records of famous fights.

Finally, we have swimming pool and vaporarium in the cellar to make our customers relax and feel good after hard day of training.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide with the best services in sports sphere, and to get our customers satisfied with our features and make them encouraged to improve their bodies and spiritual power.

Vision Statement

In 2-3 years we will open other gym in other parts of the city so that people will know us as a brand. By opening other gyms we want to create chain of gyms.

Assumed location and its advantages

First of all it is location in the center of the city, cross-section of Abay and Bayzakov streets. Near our building located the most frequently places like Promenade fashion center, Central Stadium, Baluan Sholak’s sport center, circus and “Aiya” amusement park. By this our expenses on advertising is reduced.


Industry analysis

In Almaty registered about 135 gyms. Nowadays it is the one of the most profitable industry, and we also want to spend in this business our investments.

Before the opening of our business, we make some research of our potential customers. We ask some questions about health life, gym and mix fight to people. By results, we see that our business will be stable, because of nowadays gym are become popular day by day.

  1. Do you take your time to health care? 8 of 10 respondents care about their health (no alcohol and cigarettes).

[pic 1]

  1. How often do you attend to gym? 5 of 10 respondents usually go to the gym in their free time  

[pic 2]

  1. How much money do you ready to spend for fitness? 4 of 10 respondents are ready to pay high prices to get good quality supply.

     6 of 10 respondents firstly pay attention to the price of gym[pic 3]

  1. Have you ever heard about mix-fight? 7 of 10 respondents heard about mix fight

[pic 4]

  1. What do you think about opening gym with mix-fight trainings?

9 of 10 are encouraged of opening gym with mix-fight trainings

1 of 10 don’t encouraged of opening gym with mix-fight trainings[pic 5]

Demand for service of Kazakhstani fitness-clubs is very high but high prices for real estate and extremely lack of professional trainers are the problems to fulfill the market.
Potential of fitness industry in Kazakhstan is significant. For example, now in Almaty by estimation of market participant, the amount of people which are use fitness service is about 8 and 12 thousand people that is approximately 1% of total population of Almaty. For compare, in Great Britain this percentage is about 13%. CEO of Fidelity fitness-chain Janna Subhanberdina suggest to count: if this percentage will be in Almaty and if that people will spent $40 (that is normal for person with medium salary) then it will $480 every year from each in 200 000 potential customers. That means, actual size of the market is from 3.8 to 5.7 million dollars, and potential is about 96 million dollars that is only in Almaty.


Competitive strategy

Our partnership will adhere to the differentiation strategy. Since we have a lot of competitors in this part of city our “DO IT” need different, unique abilities, opportunities in order to attract more people.

Competitive analysis

Do It


My Fitness



1st: free

1st: 2.000 kzt

1st: 1.000 kzt

1st: 1.200 kzt

1 m: 10.000 kzt 08:00-23:00

(no time limit)

1 m: 12.000 kzt 06:00 - 23:30

(for 4 times a week)

1 m: 8.000 kzt 12:00 - 22:00

(no time limit)

1 m: 10.000 kzt

08:00 - 23:00

(for 4 times a week)


Gym, mix-fighting training, pool, vaporarium, individual instructor, nutritionist

Gym, solarium, massage, individual instructor, nutritionist


Gym, individual instructor, group training


Abay str., 107

Abay str., 230/150

Abay str., 150/230

Turgut Ozal str., 150/230

Adv. campaign

Billboard, leaflets, advertising through social network

Web-site, already famous because of chain


Advertising through social network



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