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"bird by Bird" Response

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Alexa Lyboult

Composition 101-04

September 13, 2015

        In the article, “ Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott, writing is portrayed as a process. She believes that even well known authors can’t just write a great paper or book in one sitting. She went through the process that she does when writing that have helped her become a better writer.


        Anne Lamott believed that writing is a process and that most authors have to write multiple drafts before he or she can summit a piece of writing. I agree with her, it takes multiple drafts to get what you want to say down on paper. You just can’t write one draft of a paper and expect it to be a great paper. Writing a great paper takes time and patience. It takes multiple drafts and editing, by your self and by your peers. Peer review is an important part of make your writing better. When someone else reads your paper he or she can point out things you didn’t notice.  Your first draft might not even be what your final paper is about. Your first draft is a way for you to get your ideas on paper, and figure out what you want to say.

        Writing style is a way an author expresses themselves in their writing. When I sit down to a write a paper or any piece of writing, I just start typing. I don’t bother to look for any mistakes, or change what I’m writing. I like to write as much as I can and get all of my thoughts down on paper first; then I go through and proof read and change things if they need to be changed. I find it easier to write the body paragraphs first, this way I have something to go off of when writing the introduction. It helps me organize my thoughts better. If I have to write response to a book or article, I like to highlight what I’m going to use as evidence in paper. I also like to brainstorm ideas for my response before I start actually writing the paper. This helps me organize my thoughts better and makes it easier for me to write. Once I have written my paper I like to read my paper out loud. This helps with finding mistakes in your paper. After that I like to have a family member or friend read paper. They will find mistakes that I wouldn’t, they also tell you if something sounds confusing. Everyone’s style is different.



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