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Zumba Descriptive Writing

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It was Saturday morning, November 25 in the present year, the alarm clock rang and it had awakened me. It was dim in my room. I got up from my bed and I turned on the light. And it was bright. I’ve seen the bluish color of my room. I looked at the rounded orange wall clock near my closet and it was already 4:20 in the morning. So, I rushed up for me not to be late in the zumba event at the church because it will start at 5 o’clock in the morning. When I was taking a bath, I felt the cold water that was poured or flowed in my whole body, starting from my head to toes. So after it, I dressed up and went to our kitchen to have my breakfast first, I’ve made a coffee and when I sipped it, my tongue felt its hotness. Then I also ate a savory pandesal with a flavor of malunggay and it serves as the combination of the coffee that I was drinking that moment. A minute passed, I was already prepared to go in the church. So, I locked the door to make sure that no one else could enter my room. Meanwhile, when I was on my way, I’d heard the chirpings of birds and the sound of roosters from the trees in the sidewalk. Also, I felt the cold breeze of air which for me it symbolizes that Christmas is coming. So, I when I came at the church, there’s a loud music coming from the big speakers at the stage and there was many people gathered to join the said event with a theme: “Zumba-Kristo, Sayaw-Layko.” But the zumba doesn’t started yet at exactly 5 o’clock because there’s an opening remarks from the guest speakers from different Parishes here in Bongabong. And suddenly, the rain fell. So, after the speakers had finished their remarks, we’ve started to dance zumba even it was raining. When we were dancing, the heavy raindrops fell in my skin that causes me to become soaked. But still, I’d enjoyed especially because the reason why I’d joined that is to praise God through that Zumba dance. And after that zumba, I went home to change my cloth because it was wet.



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