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Zuit Suit

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Color Correlation

By: Jessica Davis, Chivon Miller & Diana Shoemaker


There is a direct correlation between shade of color and negative or positive emotional response.

How we intend to do our study:

Two groups of four colors will be made into flash cards. One group will be shades darker than the other will. Over a period of four weeks ten volunteers will look at the colors and reveal the emotion they feel while in the color's presence. The place the viewing will happen will be quiet and with little to distract the volunteers.

Research that can help us:

1. Epps, Helen. H., & Kaya, Naz. (Sep 2004). Relationship between color and emotion: A study of college students. College Student Journal, Vol. 38(3), Sep 2004. pp.396-405. Retrieved Jan. 16 2008.

The authors of this study took 98college students and asked them to reveal their emotion toward a color and the reason behind it. We feel this will help greatly in our research. The report was well put together and easy to read.

2. Mehrabian, Albert,& Valdez, Patricia. (Dec 1994). Effects of color on emotions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Vol. 123(4),Dec 1994. pp. 394-409. Retrieved Jan. 16 2008.

In this study brightness of color wastaken into consideration. It gives a list of the most prominent emotions toeach color in relation to its brightness. Because, our study is very close to theirs, their research should really help us.

3. Taeko NAKAMURA, O. Promsaka NaSAKOLNAKORN,Aaran



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