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Zodiac Signs

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Man's Personality and the Astrological Sign

Thesis Statement: Man's personality can be determined according to their Zodiac Sign and Planet.

I. Introduction:

What are Zodiac Signs? What does our Zodiac Signs tells us? Here are some questions raised by many people that are curious about what does our zodiac signs really give us. In the first place, why do most of the people know what their Zodiac Sign is? Funny isn't it? Some people grab newspapers and magazines having in their mind their Zodiac Signs and look up for their Horoscopes.

In my thesis, I will at least give you, my readers; a little something to know about what your Zodiac Sign really gives you and how it determines your personality.

First, what are the Zodiac Signs? What does it represent? What is it all about? (WWW: The Zodiac denotes an annual cycle of twelve stations along the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun through the heavens through the constellations that divide the ecliptic into twelve astrological signs of equal length. The zodiac is recognized as the first known celestial coordinate system.

The etymology of the term zodiac also includes signs and also constellations that are not represented by animals for example, Libra, Virgo and Gemini. Another suggested etymology is that the Greek term is cognate with the Sanskrit sodi, denoting "a path".

The zodiac also means a region of the celestial sphere that includes a band of eight arc degrees above and below the ecliptic, and therefore encompasses the paths of the Moon and the naked eye planets which are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The classical astronomers called these planets wandering stars to differentiate them from the fixed stars of the celestial sphere (Ptolemy). Astrologers understood the movement of the planets and the Sun through the zodiac as a means of explaining and predicting events on Earth.

Zodiac Constellations

(Goodavage, 1988) The zodiacal circle is divided into twelve parts; each part contains 30 degrees of space, making a total of 360 degrees in the circle.



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