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Zara Business Swot Case Study

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Business Zara case study


Unique designs

Brand Value

Strong presence

Design advantage

Low costes and high profits


Generalized collection

Lack of advertisements

Low safety stock

Similar fashion trends

Small target market


Backing flagship designs

Growing market potential

Branch out to bigger target market

Advertise more over social media

Branch out to more countries







2. Do you believe Zara International is expanding too quickly Can they continue their growth over the next decade? What recommendations & suggestions would you make for Zara International?

I don’t think Zara International is expanding too quickly, because they have so many big competitors for a company of their stature it is better to expand quickly and get more customers. As we know high end fashion like Louis Vuitton, Gucci,YSL.. Are very expensive for some people to buy. I think Zara will be able to really grow over the next decade because people



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