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Youtube Shows Mexican Man'S Beheading

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Essay Preview: Youtube Shows Mexican Man'S Beheading

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On Sunday, Mexican Police said that they found a Mexican man's beheading online. They said that the video was posted on the popular online website, YouTube. The man shown in the video questioned about the February 6th killings of five police officers in the City of Acapulco. YouTube said that it was posted by a person a named 'matazetaregio'; if you space out the words and translate it, it means 'kill the king zeta'. The Zeta's are a drug trafficking gang in Mexico. The police also found, on the man's legs, the name 'Lazcanzo' referring to the leader of the Zeta's.

The video is supposedly very disturbing. It starts out by showing a message "Welcome women and children." After this message started the interrogation.

"The man is shown being interrogated about the Feb. 6 killing of five police officers and two secretaries in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco. The unseen interrogator repeatedly asks him about the killings, punching him several times until the man says he participated in the attacks. He is then beheaded. The footage ends with a message in red saying, Lazcanzo you're next."

- Natalia Parra, Associated Press

YouTube has since removed the video from its collection due to a violation of its Terms of Use.


I think it is pretty disgusting to have video taped your killing and then posted it on YouTube. But what can you say the gangs in Mexico are fighting over Drug trafficking routes. It's really pretty stupid to do this. You are fighting over to do something illegal, and you're probably going to get caught anyway, so why do it?



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