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When taking a virtual tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I discovered a painting that really intrigued me called “A Bouquet of Flowers in a Crystal Vase” by Nicolaes van Veerendael (

What caught my eye was the flowers itself, I am really into flowers I think they are really relaxing and they always put a smile on my face. You could be in the worst mood and when you receive flower’s your whole mood can change. There are a variety of different flowers in this painting and the coloring in the flowers make the painting look so real. I think that is why it is so compelling. I also feel that the way the flowers lay make it so beautiful. I think its odd how a bunch of different colored flowers and different kinds can make it as if we are viewing one flower.

When reviewing the painting I felt that it represented a lot of Sayre’s four functions. For example: The flowers represent Sayre’s first function “record the world” I feel that the flowers are great representation on what they really look like. They are not falsely painted/drawn.The painter did not use wild colors that didn’t represent each individual flower. I also feel that the use of the crystal vase is what most people would have in their homes. I also feel that this painting goes along with function number 2 which is taking feeling away from the painting. I think that flowers give people a sense of feeling. It usually makes one happy as opposed to bringing them down. I do not think that the third rule “ reveal hidden or universal truth” is portrayed in this painting. The flowers are very well represented. Finally, Sayre’s last function,



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