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Yes We Can

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Yes We Can

By: Antonio O. Cordenete Jr.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here tonight for one sole purpose and that is to encourage everyone to move towards communicative competence using English language.

It has been said that teachers are jack of all trades in terms of career. But I want to tell you t

Maybe some of you have this mentality (referring to my fellow student), “The reason why I didn’t choose to be a secondary student is because I am not good in English. To tell you the truth, we are all future teachers and mentality like that has no place for our job. Try to think, English, Math, Science and MAPEH uses English as a medium of communication and all the modules are written in English. How can we possibly teach the students if we did not master the language? We might be thinking that we can use the MTB to teach the students. Well, MTB is not applicable to all grade levels, and you know what? If we stock on that mentality we are depriving our students the skills, the knowledge and learning’s that they need, and that is the worst mistake of a teacher to be committed.

You might say and think, “But it is hard to use English”. And I say yes it is. According to William Hazlitt a British essayist and critic, “We never do anything well till we cease to think about the manner of doing it” it confirms the mentality of our English teachers when we are having a difficulty, they said, you know why you are having a hard time in English, because you are not using it. Therefore it is our fault of not using it, so I urge you my fellow student to move towards communicative competence using English for the benefit of our future students and us.

I want to show this video clip to you and let’s learn from it. (Playing the video clip)

Before I leave on this flat form, I want to leave these 5 “W’s” or let’s name it as 5 warriors.

First, we can build relationship through communicative competence.

Second, we can fix relationship through communicative competence.

Third, we can change and move lives through communicative competence.

Fourth, we can be successful in life through communicative competence.

And last but not the least; we can be a hero through communicative competence.



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