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Yellow Woman

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In this story the narrator, whose name is never mentioned, lives with her mother, grandmother, husband, and a baby in Laguna Pueblo. She is called to take a walk by the river, she feels her life is ordinary and she must take a break from it by going on a stroll by the river. There she is called to a stranger by her desire to be away from home and her husband. She does not dislike her life at home she just wants a change in her routine. She acts promiscuously by going to the stranger and spending the night. This stranger is her other, his name is Silva, and he seduces her to go to his place. This is where the narrator begins her journey in the realization that she is Yellow Woman. Silva becomes her helper/guide as he explains to her of the story of Yellow Woman, and that he is a ka'tsina spirit. He also helps escape when they are stopped by a rancher for rustling cattle. At first she wanted to run away from Silva but later she realizes that she can't be away from him, she wishes to be with him, and she felt sad leaving him behind. This made it more clear that Silva was her other. She is transformed in the end when she realizes that she is Yellow Woman. I am not sure of the treasure motif because there was no treasure that the narrator finds, maybe it is her realization that now that she believes in him maybe he will come back again by the river.

The story is told from the first person point of view of the narrator. From her point f view we learn of her feelings for her family and the ka'tsina spirit Silva. From her point of view we know that there was a real bond between her and Silva. They can't be without each other. Silva does not allow the narrator to run away, he only lets her go to escape the rancher. From her point of view we also know that she was happy with Silva, and that even though she has a family back at home she wasn't in a hurry to go home.

The story goes to show that even though a woman may have a comfortable



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