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Yellow Submarine

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Analysis of Yellow Submarine

The film, Yellow Submarine, produced by the Beatles is a fantasy film in which the presence of colors and music guide the characters through their magical world. Pepperland is a colorful place filled with joyful citizens and a winter free world. No one is lonely because they are all happy and always full of life.

The major theme in this movie is the idea of freedom and happiness. Freedom is an idea thought by many to be a right, but in this film it is something that is easily taken away from the citizens of Pepperland. This happy place is attacked by the Blue Meanies. They despise color, music, beauty, and happinessÐ'--but most of all freedom. The Blue Meanies represent a dictatorshipÐ'--they quickly take over and force the citizens to obey them. They freeze all of the people making them colorless, turning Pepperland into a plain and boring place. The people are turned into what looks like lifeless, flat, grey drawings. Everything surrounding them is drab and also lacking color. The people of Pepperland are clearly upset by this take over because you can see tears running down their faces as their frozen in place.

The Beatles represent a sort of knights in shining armor for the people of Pepperland. The one man that escapes the Blue Meanies goes off in search of help in his yellow submarine. When he stumbles across the Beatles (Ringo, John, Paul, and George), who are more than happy to help fend off the evil meanies. The Meanies are people who love war and like an army try to control people by violence and fear. The Beatles hop into the submarine and head back to play their, what seems like magic, music to stop the Meanines from hurting the people of Pepperland.

On their quest to overcome the Meanies, the Beatles help people along the way as they can. Through the course of the yellow submarine's travels, they get sucked up into a black hole. It is here that they meet the nowhere man. The only things he knows are books and words. He is a very lonely and unhappy individual who knows all, except where he fits in.

Through this idea of freedom comes the idea of respecting others as well. Respecting people for who they no matter what their differences. Through freedom, the freedom to be yourself, all people were created and should be treated equally. The songs within this film are all antiviolence, suggesting that change should be brought about by love, not violence.

.I believe that music has a significant role through out this film. It is through music that the Pepperlanders are brought "back to life". At the end of the film, the song "All



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