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Yellow Pages

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Holli Schwartz

January 15, 2008

Mr. Talerico-C.

Yellow Pages

Math Teacher / Entrepreneur / Crazy Man

As a child Tony Serdenes always had an interest in football. He attempted to play the sport in his younger days, however lack of coordination slowed him down. Not to mention he was also a major nerd. When his dreams of becoming the Steelers quarterback were destroyed, he channeled all his energy into school. Tony graduated from Harvard University with a master's degree in Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Neurobiology and Women's Studies in Religion.

After achieving so much in a short amount of time rather than opening up his own laboratory slash a center for women who want to over power man and can't read good, Mr. Serdenes acted in a selfish matter. He came up with an idea so crazy, so sadistic, that only a man that has a crazy amount of money and no furry animals to live for could do. Tony decided to breed a heard of men, football playing men. He wanted to father them, train them to be the ultimate football team, the surreptitious Steelers. Tony took the remaining 45 billion dollars he had left over from winning the Florida State Lottery 47 times and began to create his dream team.

As years went by Tony made many attempts to create his fantasy football team, he failed numerous times. Unable to fulfill his ultimate dream had greatly devastated him. Eventually he gave up on his dream, and resorted to be a high school math teacher at North Broward Preparatory Schools in Coconut Creek Florida. However just recently sightings of Mr. Serdenes scurrying from his neon green mini-van with what seemed to be various medical supplies and cages for small



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