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What is information system (IS)? It is a set of interrelated elements or components that collect (input), manipulate (process) and store, and disseminate (output) data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective. ItЎЇs divided into two parts: manual and computerised information system; and computer-based information system (CBIS). Firstly, letЎЇs examine the computer-based information system (CBIS). It is a single set of hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, people, and procedures that are configured to collect, manipulate, store, and process data into information. According to the definition of CBIS, we can see that UWS uses an online computer based information system to presents its data to its users.

Why information systems are important to the organisations?

An organisation is formal collection of people and other resources established to accomplish a set of goals. Ideally, an organisationЎЇs main goal is to maximise its profit. In achieving this goal, the organisation will need to lower its production cost, in order to achieve its maximum efficiency. On the other hand, an organisation often divided into numerous departments. In order to create an information system that is useful for the firm to analysis its production and sell, data are needed to be linked and shared throughout different departments and generated for different purposes. These processes could be linked perfectly by adapting an organisational information system. By using the information system, all the data will be integrated as a whole. Since the information system could gather and share all the data of the organisation between different departments, it would help the managers in decision making. Moreover theses data are constantly updated as the businesses undergoing expansion and development. As a result, by having an information system, it would make the organisation more valuable and increase its competitiveness at the market.

Why ensuring that the system meet the needs of users is an important criterion?




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