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The Real American Dream

Since the early days of our country, America has been perceived

as the promise land- the place where all people could live freely and happily. To escape to this wonderland and start a new life was the "American Dream". However, as many immigrants realized, this may not have been the case. As Fitzergerald shows in his novel The Great Gatsby, the American Dream may actually be just that- a dream.

In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald expresses the elusiveness of the American Dream quite effectively. Gatsby was a poor boy who wanted nothing more than to be with the love of his life Daisy Buchanan; however, to do so he would have to become rich. Through hard, and sometimes illegal work, Gatsby finally became rich. Soon enough he reunited with his love, but realized she was not was he had made her up to be. This story, through much symbolism, shows the story of the idealistic immigrants who expected wonderful lives in America, yet found themselves with even more difficulties. For example, Daisy Buchanan, the object of Gatsby's desire, represented the American Dream. She was strived for so hard, yet those who had her, her husband Tom, didn't sem content.

Like the immigrants, I have also had many experiences to crush my childish dreams of living in perfection. For example, though to a much lesser degree, girl problems. I once had a strange obsession for a girl, much like Gatsby had with Daisy, that drove me to extreme lengths. I did anything I could possibly do, for well over a year, to get this girl. Finally, after all that time, we got together; however, I was disappointed. I realized that no girl would ever live up to the idealistic vision I had in my mind. I, much like Gatsby and the immigrants, realized that my realities can't always live up to my dreams. Also, when I was about eleven I moved away from Hollister for several years. I was so excited to get out of this little town that I could barely contain myself. However, when I moved away with my father we ended up living in a small



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