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Yale Or Havard

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The article in Business Week I chose was discussing the new trend for American students to study abroad and travel to schools in the UK for college. Not only is a that decision cheaper for the student but they also gain a "top notch" education while gaining valuable experience working with people in other countries. The article showed how the elite British school looked like bargains compared to ivy league schools in America like Harvard or Yale where the yearly tuition is over $30,000. British schools like Oxford and St. Andrews have tuitions of $20K to $25K. That couple grand may not seem like a lot but over time, things tend to add up.

I think going overseas to study is a good idea but it all comes down to the person and what they are really trying to accomplish. Many people say that college should be the best years of your life and one should enjoy it to the fullest. The type of party experience and fun atmosphere is not provided overseas mainly because there are no Greeks or any big time sports programs. Most things in the British Universities are school based and consist of helping students with work and personal problems. I know that going to school in another country would not be right for me because I enjoy college life and I plan on enjoying it for the rest of the time I'm here. Possibly a move that like can be considered for graduate school but as far as undergraduate, I say that the student "bites the bullet" and takes out the necessary loans to cover tuition at a school in the states and have as much fun as possible while still completing his/her school work because after college is where real life begins and there are no more fun and games.



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