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Ya Right

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There was the bully, standing on the top of the roof with a barrel full of water balloons. He was trying to boss around his classmates below him by dropping the water balloons on their heads. Every balloon he threw got closer and closer to his classmates. Eventually, after not listening to him for a while, him took a big one, and dropped it right on a girl's head. She immediately reacted and started yelling at him. Once she stopped yelling, the bully just looked at her and said, "The lady doth protest to much me thinks." The bully, from the cartoon show My Dad is a Rock Star made it seem as if he had some sort of knowledge by saying a variation of a quote from Hamlet.

A perfect example of an allusion to Hamlet can be seen in My Dad is a Rock Star. There are many different TV shows and movies which allude to Shakespeare's plays, mainly because most his plays are so amazing. The cultural significance of Hamlet has definitely changed over time. When originally performed, the plays had to appeal to a wider variety of people. It was probably as popular and as good as it is today, but for different reasons and in different ways. According to, "Most academics would argue Hamlet is Shakespeare's greatest and most famous work." To back that statement up, this play has actually been translated into just about every major living language, and has also been translated into a language from Star Trek, Klingon. With Hamlet translated into many different languages, it allows for it to be preformed and recreated in many different locations around the world. My Dad is a Rock Star also happens to be a TV show created in French for the French Tйlйtoon network. Shakespeare's Hamlet had a great effect on today's TV shows and movies.

There are countless numbers of allusions to Hamlet on TV and in the movies, and a lot of them are in cartoons. Star Trek, Gilligan's Island, Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons, and My Dad is a Rock Star are just some of the many TV shows which allude to Hamlet. In fact, Bugs Bunny alluded to Hamlet multiple times throughout history. In one of the Bugs cartoons, he held a skull up to his face just like Hamlet did in the graveyard scene of the play. In the 1990's, Bugs did the same thing in a movie called Space jam. The Simpsons, another cartoon,



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