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Xomox Sanmar Limited

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Xomox Sanmar Limited is a part of Sanmar Group, which has varied interests in Chemicals, Engineering, shipping and Specialty chemicals. The Group has a major presence in the southern part of India. Sanmar Engineering Corporation is a constituent company of the Sanmar Group.

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Sanmar Engineering Corporation (SEC) a privately owned business has a wide range of products and systems that cater to

пЃ¶ Over Pressure Protection, fluid Sealing and Plant Safety

пЃ¶ Fluid Control

пЃ¶ Measurement & Automation

пЃ¶ Foundry

All these Businesses are set towards satisfying the Customer needs in the Process Industry. Sanmar Group has set up manufacturing facilities in India in colloboration with a Joint Venture Partner who is the market leader in each one of these Products and systems.

Sanmar Group ( one the Leading Groups in India to have successfully ventured in to Joint Venture partnerships with Leading Global players. The Partners have an equity stake in these Joint ventures and the Management of these organizations is with the Sanmar Group. Some of the Ventures are more than Twenty-five years old and they stand testimony to the Group’s Integrity. Sanmar has in recent years has built a wholly owned Foundry capable of Supplying Component parts to all these Joint ventures as a Strategic Investment to help meet needs of customers in this demanding business.

SEC вЂ" A Perspective

Each one of these JV Companies is world-renowned and is a market leader. Xomox Sanmar Limited (XSL) is one such company started in a Joint venture with XOMOX Corp. USA. (

XSL was incorporated in the year 1983 as part of the fluid Handling and control division of Sanmar Engineering Corporation. XSL has its Manufacturing Location on the Outskirts of Tiruchirapalli вЂ" a District situated on the Southern part of India.

Xomox Sanmar Ltd is in the Business of Selling Quarter Turn Valves to the demanding service applications in the Process Industry. The Valves that XSL Manufactures are used to carry corrosive, erosive and toxic chemicals (liquids and gases) with wide temperature variations. XSL caters to a Wide range of Industrial Segments such as

пÑ"? Petrochemical

пÑ"? Fertilizer

пÑ"? Chemical process

пÑ"? Man Made fibre

пÑ"? Steel

пÑ"? De salination

пÑ"? Pharmaceuticals

пÑ"? Pesticides

пÑ"? Air Dryers

Products and Market

The Products that are manufactured by XSL are

пЃ¶ Sleeved Plug Valves

пЃ¶ Lined Plug Valves

пЃ¶ High Performance Butterfly Valves

пЃ¶ Ball Valves

The Demography that XSL Caters to is

пЃ¶ Domestic вЂ" The Whole of India

пЃ¶ Exports вЂ" Asia Pacific, Germany and USA Offices of Xomox Corp вЂ" USA

The agreement with the Joint Venture partners lets XSL sell its products to the various Exports market through the offices of the Joint Venture Partner

XSL sells its Products in India directly



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