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Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights

In the novel Wuthering Heights, many characters contrast one another throughout the story. Two characters that particularly stand out to me are Hindley Earnshaw and Heathcliff. Throughout the novel, despite their differences and bickering, these two characters display traits that at times make them seem to be more alike than they are different.

Revenge plays a big role in the minds of both Hindley and Heathcliff. Both men are strong willed and determined to get revenge on those they feel have wronged them or caused them any type of misery in the past. Hindley resents Heathcliff from the very first time he appears in the story; he feels as though he got in the way of his life and family. As Catherine grew to like Heathcliff, Hindley grew to dislike him more and more. "miss Cathy and he were now very thick; but Hindley hated him," " So from the very beginning he bred bad feeling in the house." Hindley and Heathcliff both have issues within themselves that cause them to act the way that they do, and possess them to take their anger out in a violent way. Problems within themselves such as childhood experiences help to produce personality flaws in both men. Both children experienced death, greed, and a lot of hostility throughout their childhood lives. The attitude of male superiority and attitudes towards women are also a common factor between Hindley and Heathcliff. They are cold and cruel towards their wives and sons, (Hindley towards Hareton, and Heathcliff towards Hareton and Isabella). When asked if he was taught to read and write, Hareton answers, "No, I was told the curate should have his -teeth dashed down his-throat, if he stepped over the threshold, Heathcliff promised me that!" In Chapter 13, Heathcliff declares that since he cants punish Edgar for causing Catherine's illness, that he will punish



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