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Writing Tutoe

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I have always enjoyed writing adventurous stories and humorous poems. I have found how to relieve all my stress and emotion through writing. No matter what I'm feeling I can express myself on paper. Writing allows one to escape in its own mind. I have learned to let my mind wonder while writing. In seventh grade I had to put together a poem book. It was then that I realized how to move toward new ideas. I always had long nights struggling to start new essays and poems. I finally learned how to just jot down ideas and make them grow into an essay. After I completed the poem book I realized that I had fun doing it. The whole two weeks I worked on it my mind just felt better. I felt calm and relaxed all the time. I now know it was because I was releasing my bottled up emotions.

My biggest struggle as a writer is last semester's final paper. Not because it was really hard, but I struggled to find enough material to type a ten page paper. The final paper was one of the only times I did not leave it to be completed until the night before the deadline. With that experience I learned how to juggle a hefty paper along with four other college courses.

My whole life I have utilized writing as an escape. My family and some teachers have told me they enjoyed my writing, and that I should do more with it. I hope that this experience as a writing tutor will be a footstep to advance my writing.



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