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Wormwood Rice Cake

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Long ago, there lived a very rich man who had three daughters.

The first and second daughters were living in luxury, but the last daughter was not, but she and her husband were living happily.

When their father reached 60 years of age, the three children decided to celebrate the occasion

The first and second daughters presented gorgeous gifts to him and thought that people would never see such fine things.

As the last daughter could not afford to present such a gift, she thought and thought, and then decided to help in the father's housework for five days before the birthday party.

The customers came and crowded the large garden.

The first and second daughter were eating and drinking just beside their father and mother, just like the guests, boasting of their gifts because they presented wonderful gifts. The party continued for four days long. On the other hand, the last daughter and her husband were unable to even sit down.

When the customers were gone at last, the parents gave a mountain of presents and food to the two elder daughters when they said good-by to their parents.

When the last daughter and her husband finished cleaning the table after the party and, were about to go home. "You will be hungry while you are going back home. Take this. This is a wormwood rice cake." Her parents said, and tossed a small pack of rice cakes to them.

They felt deep regret against the treatment but holding back their tears of regret, they politely bowed to the parents and left the home.

Back at home, the daughter said to her husband. "A poor child will be treated with contempt even by their parents. How miserable we are! Let's decide to work hard from today and earn money so that we may not be looked down upon by anyone!"

The daughter bound the rice cake with a string and hung it from the ceiling.

"When we lose our courage, let's look at the rice cake and renew our decision!"

Therefore, they worked very hard. From dawn, they went up to the mountain to get firewood and edible plants for their business. At night, they made straw sandals, mats, and bags. They made all their efforts to earn money even if it was a very small amount.

Five sons were born to them and their sons grew up while looking at the parents working hard everyday. So they also worked very hard and gradually became very rich.



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